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Optical Frame

An optical frame, also known simply as "frame," refers to the structural component of eyeglasses that holds the lenses and allows them to be worn comfortably on a person's face. Optical frames come in a wide variety of shapes, materials, and styles, catering to different prescription needs and fashion preferences. These frames can be made from materials like acetate, metal, titanium, and even wood, each offering its own unique characteristics and benefits.

Optical frames are not only functional but also play a significant role in defining the wearer's personal style and fashion statement. They come in various shapes, such as round, rectangular, square, cat-eye, wayfarer, and more, allowing individuals to choose a frame that complements their face shape and enhances their overall appearance.

In addition to the frame's design, its construction and features can also vary. Some frames have adjustable nose pads to ensure a proper fit, while others might feature spring hinges for added flexibility and durability. Modern optical frames often incorporate advanced technologies, such as lightweight materials and innovative hinge mechanisms, to provide both comfort and style.

When purchasing eyeglasses, selecting the right optical frame is essential for both visual correction and personal expression. An optical professional, such as an optician or optometrist, can assist in choosing the right frame based on an individual's prescription, face shape, and preferences. Whether for vision correction or as a fashion accessory, optical frames are a key element in the world of eyewear.

Demo Lens

A demo lens, short for "demonstration lens," is a term used in the eyewear industry to refer to the non-prescription lenses that are typically fitted into eyeglass frames for display purposes. These lenses are clear and have no prescription power or corrective properties. Instead, they are used to showcase the frame's design, shape, and overall appearance to customers, allowing them to try on different frames and get an idea of how the eyeglasses will look on their face.

Demo lenses serve several purposes:

  • Display: When frames are on display in optical stores or online, demo lenses help customers visualize how the glasses will look without the distortion that prescription lenses might introduce.
  • Fit and Comfort: Customers can try on frames with demo lenses to assess the fit, comfort, and overall feel of the eyeglasses on their face.
  • Style Evaluation: With demo lenses, customers can focus on evaluating the frame's aesthetics and style, without the distraction of prescription lenses.
  • Protection: Demo lenses also offer some level of protection to the eyes from dust, debris, and bright lights when trying on frames.
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AXG027 Acetate Optical Frame with Polarized Magnetic Sunglasses for Men, 53mm

Hala Optical is a leading eyewear manufacturer based in Wenzhou, China. We are proudly to presents the AXG027 magnetic clip-on sunglasses. This versatile and stylish model combines functionality with fashion, making it an ideal choice for modern eyewear enthusiasts.

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2DB43 acetate spectacle frame  Front view

Acetate Optical Frame for Women, Square Shape, Combined Color

2DB43 is an unique optical eyeglass style with Vinyl supplied by Hala Optical.

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